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Hamstring Exercises

Needed for numerous activities, hamstrings are a set of important muscles from the hip to the knees at the back of the thighs. These set of muscles are responsible for a lot of footwork actions like sitting, jumping, running and even bending. Also, the hamstring are a crucial factor in training and developing other muscles at different part of the body. It is why the whole body’s conditioning is dependent of the development and strength of the hamstring muscles.

As an athlete, you rely heavily on your legs, your greatest assets. Combined with other muscular developments in the body, the hamstring is the engine for almost all sports movement - soccer, basketball, running, tennis etc. A balanced combination of nutritional diet, scientific weight training and rest is the key towards a stronger and powerful hamstring muscles.

Vital nutrients for the development of the body’s lower half

Carbohydrates: a plenty of energy is required to rebuilt and recover from any sort of injury to the hamstring muscles occurring from exercise or physical activity. Carbohydrates are the vital source of energy to the body, as the body breaks it down into glucose – an active energy source. Corn, bread and rice are examples of high carbohydrate foods. Intake of food rich in carbohydrate initiates quicker recovery and also is necessary for energy to fuel the muscles and prevent injuries.

Protein and Lucien: proteins are the building blocks of muscles. Proteins, fill in the gaps, enhances muscle development faster and fastens recovery of muscle injuries. Grilled chicken, turkey, legumes, nuts and even protein powders – like whey protein are good sources of protein that can be taken post hamstring exercises.

Luciens are amino acids: the building blocks of proteins. While proteins helps in enhancing muscle development and recovery, as per studies Lucien, particularly combined with carbohydrates are highly beneficial for hamstring muscles.

Vitamin B complex: our body heavily relies on vitamin B complex to process the protein – its absorption and metabolism of amino acids, so that it can be used in repairing and rebuilding the damaged tissues of the muscle. Found in meats, whole grains and leafy greens, vitamin B complex is the most essential component in protein metabolism. Found in organic meats, green leafy vegetables and lentils, folate, helps processing the protein in foods and helps in tissue growth and development.

Anti-inflammatory foods: including colourful fruits and vegetables like blueberry, strawberry, carrot and spinach rich in anti-inflammatory can be of great help in reducing swollen, painful and sore hamstring muscles. Such conditions happen when we overwork or injure our muscles during activities or exercises, which causes the muscles to become irritated and inflamed.  Omega 3 fatty acids, the healthy fat found in walnuts and flaxseeds, fish also helps in combating inflammation and aids recovery.


As an advice on hamstring exercises, before starting it is important to begin with easy and steady warm ups. This will allow the body and the muscles to cope up with the pressure and forces that are going to come later. Also, try variety of exercises to get the maximum benefits out of the hamstring muscles and built them to be stronger.

Hamstring Exercises

Hamstring Exercises

Dietitian Sheela Sehrawat is a well known face in the world of health and dietetics.

She holds a master’s degree in food and nutrition and the more she holds is the benevolence and dedication. She is a registered dietician under IDA and practicing since 2006. She is the founder of Diet Clinic, which has presently 35 operational clinics in northern India. She remained associated with Indian army hospital for a long time, prior to her individual practice as a private dietician. Beating all the odds, she started counseling many people gratuitously during her master’s course and dealt with top notch clients while she was an intern.

She has a keen interest in exploring new breakthroughs and conducted many research works before starting practice. Even today she keeps herself educated with latest happenings and developments in the field of health and nutrition. She is an active participant in various health related seminars, webinars, workshops, camps etc. Her vast experience and journey has made her a motivational speaker and after taking inspiration from her many people have lost their unwanted body weight. In this long journey of 13 years her evolution as an expert dietician is really amazing.

She is efficiently managing all the branches of Diet Clinic with help of self trained staff of dieticians. The procedure of recruiting a dietician is strict and tough, so that our clients get best counseling for better health. The level of satisfaction and the quantum of our successful result can be judged from our large clientage base and their testimonials. Most of our new clients are referred by our old satisfied clients. Sheela Sehrawat has developed a unique therapy of weight loss in the form of versatile diet plans. Diet plans are customized as per the client’s specifications.

Her sole motto is “LET YOUR DIET WORK FOR YOU.”

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