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Self Defense Techniques for All

Striking an assailant in a self-defense situation is possibly the best way to defend yourself. Striking is taught in most of the martial arts and is core to personal protection. Correct striking is imperative. Flailing wildly without landing a strike will drain your energy and telegraph that you do not know what you are doing. In this, article the detail of striking techniques with different parts of your body. In addition to this, you can learn some basic self-defense techniques here.

Elbow Strikes
This is a powerful tactics of self-defense and can be used on the assailants’ body. By elbow, striking you can combat the personal attack. These types of defense can target the head, neck, throat, back of the head, base of the skull, the arms, rib cage, thighs, and hands and so on. Use short and quick strikes. Hitting the major muscle or body part of the attackers can accomplish you to get rid of the attack. This way you will able do defense the personal attack easily.

Closed Hand or Fist Strikes
With this strike, you can break any number of small bones of the attackers. Using the side of the hand can create more of a bludgeoning blow. A hammer fist typically comes from above and can be an unsuspected strike to many parts of the assailant’s body. You should have to train the wrist properly and become strong to combat the assailant.
Knee Strikes

By this technique, you can easily get rid of the personal attacks. However, Contact with any number of vulnerable body parts can disable an attacker quickly and allow for an escape. This is a close range defense technique. In this technique, do not leave your feet to deliver a knee strike. Strike the attacker on the inside and outside of their thighs, their hips, inside or outside of their knee joints, their tailbone, their stomach or groin if standing.

Knee strikes can be a devastating self-defense technique if you find yourself on the ground and on top of them. Driving the knee into almost any area of their body with full force can inflict an immense amount of pain, render them useless, and provide for an escape. This technique is easy to learn and you can do your personal self-defense effectively.

Disarm your Attacker Mentally
If any event, you would find any unfortunate situation with potential attackers, then you should not panic, stay calm and cool. Look them on face and try to become strong in your attitude. You can do this by holding your hands up with your palms open, elbows in (fingers extended straight). This will send a message to the attacker that you don't pose a threat. Next, verbally tell your potential attacker that you don't want any trouble. As you are talking to your attacker, they are actively listening and not prepared for an attack most likely. If and when they get within arms-reach of you, take your open hands, fingers outstretched, one hand over the other and forcefully shoot them out from your body into the eyes of your attacker. Be violent! This will shut them down instantly. After you do this, get out of dodge and call the police immediately!

Be Confident & Strong
Street tease defense technique can combat for the situation arising in the eve teasing. Becoming confident and strong, you can easily escape from the attackers or from any unavoidable situation.  Well, as soon as you attack your enemy, do try to run away from that place before he comes back to normal. You should keep on hitting strongly on the assailant’s body until the attacker gets tired.

By following these ultimate self-defense techniques, you can easily get the accomplishment over the unfortunate situation. These basics you should keep in mind and become safe. You can protect yourself with these techniques, depending on the situation. Make the best use of these self-defense techniques and when you sense danger, act accordingly in advance. Learning these tactics surely makes you feel confident and you can able to fight back anyone to escape from that situation. Thus, at least learn the basic steps of the self-protection as you can.


Self Defense Techniques for All

Self Defense Techniques for All

Dietitian Sheela Sehrawat is a well known face in the world of health and dietetics.

She holds a master’s degree in food and nutrition and the more she holds is the benevolence and dedication. She is a registered dietician under IDA and practicing since 2006. She is the founder of Diet Clinic, which has presently 35 operational clinics in northern India. She remained associated with Indian army hospital for a long time, prior to her individual practice as a private dietician. Beating all the odds, she started counseling many people gratuitously during her master’s course and dealt with top notch clients while she was an intern.

She has a keen interest in exploring new breakthroughs and conducted many research works before starting practice. Even today she keeps herself educated with latest happenings and developments in the field of health and nutrition. She is an active participant in various health related seminars, webinars, workshops, camps etc. Her vast experience and journey has made her a motivational speaker and after taking inspiration from her many people have lost their unwanted body weight. In this long journey of 13 years her evolution as an expert dietician is really amazing.

She is efficiently managing all the branches of Diet Clinic with help of self trained staff of dieticians. The procedure of recruiting a dietician is strict and tough, so that our clients get best counseling for better health. The level of satisfaction and the quantum of our successful result can be judged from our large clientage base and their testimonials. Most of our new clients are referred by our old satisfied clients. Sheela Sehrawat has developed a unique therapy of weight loss in the form of versatile diet plans. Diet plans are customized as per the client’s specifications.

Her sole motto is “LET YOUR DIET WORK FOR YOU.”

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